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How health technology conferences drive innovation in wound health
January 9, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How health technology conferences drive innovation in wound health

Health technology conferences are crucial to furthering the knowledge and technology that the world of wound care has available for patients. At WHSI, we want to help bring the greatest minds in wound health together to help continue to promote progress and innovation. If you’re not sure attending a conference is right for you, we have several ways health technology conferences drive innovation in the industry. Read our short guide below to find out why we encourage all to attend.

Share industry information

When there are few people in a room of people who share common interests and goals, you have a strong pool of knowledge to draw from to find ways to further a field of practice. A conference full of inherently interested individuals is even better. While you listen to presenters share information about the wound health industry, you’ll be able to speak to other people about the future needs of wound care and what can be done to help.

Present latest research

There are various ways that researchers can present their information to the world. While a medical journal is an excellent way to share your findings with your colleagues, it’s a one-way street with no immediate feedback. It can also be difficult for the reader to track down the researcher to ask questions. A conference is a great place to answer questions regarding your findings and let others within the industry hear about your research firsthand.

Encourage collaboration

Working together is what’s going to drive advancements in would health. We want to encourage everyone involved in every aspect of wound care to work together to drive innovation in the industry, so we can all provide patients with more solutions in treatment. For instance, you might have an idea for a new device that can be effective in wound care, but there’s somebody who’s already working on something similar. You can easily get in touch with them at a conference to start putting your heads together to create it. Whether research comes from pharma companies, doctors, academics, or whomever else is willing to put in the work, we want to encourage people to work together for the betterment of patients at risk of losing a limb from amputation due to insufficient wound care technology.

Growing professional networks

People are more likely to work with those with whom they’re familiar. You can grow your professional network with other like-minded professionals in the multidisciplinary spectrum, whom you can lean on in the future. Consult those who have a different perspective, education, and experiences. You’ll have myriad opportunities to meet with others who are working toward your same professional goals and you can work together to achieve them.

Create plans for future innovations

Understanding the current landscape of the industry is incredibly helpful to know where things need to go to continue moving forward. There might be new technology that's five to 10 years away from hitting the market that could change the way you operate at your clinic. What’s more, the new device could be the difference between you creating new techniques for wound care. Understanding what’s coming can help push creativity and innovation further into the future.

Register for the conference

Don’t miss this year’s health technology conference with WHSI. We want to bring healthcare professionals together from all aspects of the industry in an effort to improve wound care and prevent amputations. You can learn more about our conference by calling our foundation headquarters at 212-332-8008 or sending an email to We look forward to seeing you there.