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Takeaways for HSI healthcare experts after the conference
June 21, 2022 at 1:00 AM
Image of a lightbulb representing the ideas that HSI healthcare experts get at the WHSI conference.

The two-day conference in New York is a singular experience where academics, clinicians, and industry stakeholders can attend presentations and networking events. Our goal is to reduce global amputations to zero. We believe the best way to achieve it is by bringing together the best minds in wound care and vascular surgery for collaboration. Presentations, seminars, and networking events pack the conference schedule, so it’s normal for attendees to feel overwhelmed by information and new connections. Here are some of the main takeaways for HSI healthcare experts after the conference.

Follow up with new network connections

The WHSI Conference’s platform is unique in that it brings together leaders in academia, clinical settings, and tech development. New connections within your network are one of the most important benefits of attending the conference. It’s important to maintain your network to be at the forefront of advancements in treatment.

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Instead of only thinking about your network when you need something, one of the best ways to maintain new connections is by reaching out to share cases, information, and questions. HSI healthcare experts can help eliminate amputations by working cooperatively on a global scale.

Stay current on innovations in care and technology

Our two-day conference shares a lot of new procedures and technology. Following the weekend event, dig deeper into the research and advancements achieved with the latest technology. Adopting new methods and technology allows clinicians to advance standards of care within their own practices.

To achieve a world without amputation, the entire wound care community must embrace innovation to set new standards for successful outcomes. Learning about cutting-edge technology as it’s developed is essential to offer your patients the best in wound care.

Note changes in wound industry policy and regulation

In wound care, it’s not simply about the medicine. Care providers and industry tech advancements must stay current on the demands of a resource-constrained research and development world, especially post-pandemic.

With a hectic schedule, whether in a clinical setting or academia, it can be hard to stay current on the landscape policymakers are creating for the future.

Staying aware of what’s happening in care regulations can help you know what to expect from the FDA and the industry and how scientists and innovators can continue to achieve results in a restrictive environment.

Review notes from cases that went wrong

Sharing cases that went wrong is one of the best ways of learning what not to do. After attending the Monday Morning Quarterback seminar at the conference, compare notes from the talk with your cases. Reflecting on the hindsight shared by leading wound care clinicians can help you see where things went wrong and how to bring new approaches to your practice.

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The benefits of the conference extend beyond the two days of talks and presentations. When HSI healthcare experts continue to reflect on what they’ve learned, advancements at the forefront of wound care become standard practice.

The yearly WHSI Conference highlights advancements HSI healthcare experts should know about vascular surgery.

WHSI unites global leaders in amputation prevention during a yearly conference to share their experiences and innovation. We bring together professionals from all facets of medicine, including academic and clinical sectors. What makes the Wound Health Conference different is the inclusion of industry stakeholders and technology leaders. We create a platform for actual advancement in the tools and processes to improve wound care and eliminate amputations. Registration with the conference includes CME accreditation and full conference access, including networking events.

Join the WHSI Conference for an engaging conversation about wound care and earn CME AMA PRA Category 1 credits as an HSI healthcare expert.