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WHSI 2021: wound healing education topics covered at the conference
September 24, 2021 at 4:00 AM
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The 18th Annual Wound Healing: Science & Industry conference is an important event in wound healing education, featuring the voices and expertise of a large, multidisciplinary group of respected professionals in the healthcare space. The three-day event will provide a space for researchers, healthcare professionals and tech industry representatives to discuss advancements in the field, exchange information, and continue finding ways to enhance the care they provide to patients.

WHSI 2021 will host several key speakers across different panels each day, including John C. Lantis, MD, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai; Miguel Montero-Baker, MD, Baylor’s St. Luke’s Medical Center; and Atta Behfar, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, to name just a few. You won’t find a bigger group of some of the most prominent figures in wound care, vascular surgery, and vascular medicine anywhere else.

Read on to learn more about what the conference will cover and why WHSI matters for promoting wound healing education within the medical community.

Day 1 topics

The morning and early afternoon of the first day of the conference will include three sessions. Session 1, “What Makes Chronic Wounds Chronic?” will cover a variety of topics related to the healing of chronic wounds based on the latest research into their various components.

Session 2, “Novel Therapies in Regenerative Medicine,” is fairly self-explanatory and will feature the discussion of research into the most cutting-edge regenerative medical treatments currently being developed.

Session 3, “Technology Showcase: Cutting-Edge Clinical Solutions,” will follow this up on a similar note.

After a break at 2:30, Session 4, “Innovations in Vascular Intervention & Advanced Wound Management,” will begin. Similarly to the previous two sessions, this will feature discussion of current research and innovative new treatments for patients with advanced wounds and vascular issues.

The day’s major panels will end with Session 5, “Think Tank Panel - Wound and Vascular Care in a Post-Covid World: Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine and the Shifting Points of Care,” which will discuss how wound healing treatments and technology have adapted to the demands and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day 2 topics

The second day of the conference will only feature four sessions. Where the prior day’s sessions largely focused on innovative research and technology, this day’s panels will focus more on approaches to wound healing.

Session 6, “BioBurden and Infection Management,” will feature presentations on the implications of biofilms on chronic wound healing, assessment, and diagnosis, ending with a discussion panel.

Session 7, “Team-Based Care Approach,” will begin with a presentation on “WIFI” and shift to discussing limb salvage from a podiatrist and vascular surgeon’s point of view.

Session 8, “Novel Approaches to Wound Healing,” will cover innovative and alternative methods of treating wounds and feature some discussion of new technologies for diabetic foot management.

The final session is Session 9, “What I Wish I Had Done Differently - Difficult Cases,” which will feature presentations from several doctors on challenging wound healing cases, as well as how they dealt with certain cases themselves in the past.

The importance of WHSI for wound healing education

With such an array of relevant, timely topics, cutting-edge treatments, and respected healthcare experts presenting at the event, WHSI 2021 is incredibly important to wound healing education for medical professionals, tech industry representatives, pharmaceutical professionals, and anyone else involved in wound treatment. That’s why several of these sessions, including the first session of day one and every session of day 2, will award continuing medical education (CME) credits for attending.

To find out more about this and what makes WHSI so important to wound healing education, check out our blog post on the topic.

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Attend in person or online

You can register to attend WHSI 2021 in person in New York City or online here. Whichever you choose, it’s not an event to be missed for professionals in the space of wound care, vascular surgery, and medicine. If your company would like to sponsor or present at the conference, learn more about opportunities to do that here.