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Why you should attend a wound care and vascular conference in 2021
May 25, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why you should attend wound care conferences this year

From patient care to the devices that are used in support of care, the healthcare industry is always changing and improving. As a healthcare professional, you’re aware of the necessity to stay up to date on current practices and procedures to provide your patients with the best available care. Additionally, conferences are equally as important to those who work in industries that support health care providers. At WHSI, we understand this and want to provide you with an avenue to bring the two sides of the industry together with wound care and vascular conferences. If you’re unsure about attending this year’s conference, we have six reasons why we recommend it.

Interactive learning

Our wound and vascular conferences provide you with opportunities to learn with hands-on experience. You can watch lectures and read for continuing education credits all you want, but there’s no substitute for engaged and interactive learning. You’ll have a chance to get first-hand experience with others within the industry and get feedback from other experts.

Learn new techniques

Conferences are excellent places to learn more about new developments in your industry no matter what you do for a living. By attending WHSI this year, you’ll learn about the latest advances and have plenty of opportunities to speak with innovators like yourself who can share with you the latest techniques that are and have become current industry standards.

Learn about new products

In general, conferences are an ideal place for product developers to showcase their newest products. From pharma companies to nutritionists to medical device companies, you can find out more about up-and-coming products and services that are and will be available to serve you in your profession.

Stay current with industry standards

With a variety of speakers and presentations, a wound care and vascular conference is an excellent place to learn about current industry standards. While you might have read a research paper or read a newsletter regarding new practices, you often get the reason behind making the switch from previous standards as well as the benefits of new techniques straight from the creator’s mouth.


No matter which industry you work in, networking is an excellent way to get ahead. Meet and greet those who work in your field so you can network with colleagues and learn directly from those who are more experienced than you. Furthermore, you can find those with whom you can further collaborate in the future should you decide to do research in your field. WHSI is the perfect environment to network and meet new peers across the multidisciplinary spectrum.

Present your product

If you’re in the pharma industry or create and sell medical devices, wound and vascular conferences are outstanding opportunities to get your products directly in the hands of leading health care providers. Present your innovations to those who will use them in their everyday practices so they can see what sets you apart from the competition.

Register today

Don’t lose your spot and register for our conference today. WHSI is your top choice for a wound and vascular conference where those who work in industry and clinics can mingle to provide patients with improved care. Register for our conference by filling out our form today. If you have any further questions regarding our upcoming conference, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling 212-332-8008. You can also send us an email directly to or using our online contact form. We look forward to seeing you at our wound care conference.